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How to feel your sexiest during your boudoir session – What to wear (Part 2)

February 12, 2020

If you haven’t read Part One of What to Wear for A Boudoir Session recently, start (here) to get caught up!

So. Where were we? Oh yeah – corsets! Those are a frequent choice for boudoir sessions, and it’s because they are hot. But we can do even better!


Corsets. Since we’re already on the subject of cinchers, let’s take it up a notch. I would challenge you to try out an underbust corset! This particular design cinches your waist and stops right under your bust, leaving the girls and the bum in full view. *loooong wolf whistle*

Mismatched undies.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been doing my research – for science, y’all. I searched variations on “what underwear is sexy,” and billions of websites later I landed on good ol’ Cosmopolitan, which reiterated something interesting: just because you don’t look like you “planned” on getting dirty doesn’t mean your partner is not oh-so-ready to convince you otherwise. If you have a bra that makes you feel sexy and panties that make your ass look fantastic, who cares if they match? Apparently not your other half.


Walk into any store that has boho clothes or even places like Ross & TJ Maxx and you’ll find all sorts. From sheer swimsuit coverups to lacy floor-length robes, they cover up justtttt enough. The right robe creates the illusion of wearing something while somehow showing everything underneath. Oh, and they look amazing in a bathtub! Flowery, plain, short, long, lacy, silky – basically any robe except what Rocky wore to the big fight will look hot. (Actually… that could be hot, too…)

Jacksonville Boudoir Session, Shower Mini Session

Pro Tip: Speaking of stores like Ross, they are THE perfect places to go boudoir shopping. Grab a classic oversize sweater, we’ll cut it so that it falls perfectly off your shoulder and it’s ok- because it was only $10! 

THE UNEXPECTED BUT SUPER HOT! what to wear for a boudoir session…

Workout gear. Yet again, not the first thing you think of, but trust me. I promise you this is a thing. Don’t believe me? Take a selfie bent over the bed in yoga pants holding your boobs, send it to your boo, and let me know what happens next!  

Tank tops. Tank tops. That’s right – the trusty tank top you’ve been wearing to sleep could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Tank with full bottom panties, tank and boyshorts, tank and unbuttoned jean shorts, wet tank, cropped tank, tank with nothing else… the options are endless!

Leather! My all-time favorite unexpected look? A cropped leather jacket… Oh. My. Gawd. Seriously – with thigh highs and a push up bra?? Yes PLEASE!

YOUR favorites. Whatever the heck you’re comfortable in! Personally, I wear a spaghetti strap top and thong around the house and I know my partner LOVES it. It seems simple, but if I was on the other side of the camera, it’s probably exactly what I’d be wearing; I feel sexy, my man thinks it’s sexy… and that’s all that matters!  

The final & in my opinion best

Last, but certainly not least… nothing. Yep, you read that right. What to wear to a boudoir session? Nothing. Just you! While lingerie can be fun, it’s absolutely not necessary. I hear you when you say the costs of this kind of shoot add up, too, and that’s why this one is particularly grand. It’s free and you’re already wearing it! We almost always shoot in a location that has a bed, and I very frequently use a crisp white sheet to hide as much or as little as you want – and your comfort level will likely change during the shoot as you relax and start really feeling it. Sheets are really perfect here – you can ebb and flow with how you’re feeling at any given moment and stay in the moment rather than stopping to change clothes. It’s great to have wardrobe options, but you really don’t need anything other than your badass self.

What to wear for your boudoir session, nothing. Nude.
Dark and Moody Bath Boudoir


That’s my list, but I can’t leave you without telling you the ONE thing that will never, ever steer you wrong in front of any camera: CONFIDENCE. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Confidence is hot. Period. It’s my job as your photographer to make you feel as comfortable and as empowered as humanly possible in any setting, but especially in your boudoir photo session. Whether you know it or not, I know it: you are fine as hell, and your pictures will show it!

Be Bold,

Your Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

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