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I’m a fearless photographer looking for audacious clients. Anyone can make a pinterest board and re-create someone else’s photos, but I want to create images unique to you. I love working with clients who aren’t afraid to take some risks to get the “money” shots that will be the envy of family and friends. I want photos to be different and edgy, just like the personalities of my clients. For additional details on what to expect, check out the Q&A section or feel free to reach out by phone or email.

Boudoir & Portrait Photographer servicing jacksonville, orlando, tampa, atlanta and available world wide!

Do your wedding contracts really include a cake clause?

Absofuckinlutely! #1 I love it. #2 we will likely need the sugar rush to finish out the night! 

What if it rains?

Ah, Florida. Unfortunately, rescheduling sessions is commonplace; the record is currently 9 rescheduling attempts. Yay hurricane season! Rescheduling is rarely an issue. We just choose the next date we are both available. It’s a tropical climate and happens often, there is no additional charge for a rain delay.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer payment plans for wedding clients and large boudoir packages. These are investments, and I take that seriously. I understand that these investments are expensive and I’m sensitive to my client’s needs. 

What should I wear?

If you're this far into the website certainly you'll see that full costumes, lingerie or sometimes nothing at all are perfectly acceptable. What you wear will depend on the type of session you're booking. This is something we talk about extensively in your consultations. Pinterest is also helpful to get ideas for your wardrobe!

Do I need a deposit to hold my day?

Yes! Retainers are required to hold any date, and they vary depending on the session. Traditionally, they are 50/50. Weddings have a minimum deposit of $700.

How do I schedule?

Scheduling is easy. Simply shoot me a message via the contact form with your preferred date and a backup date. Once we agree, I’ll send you everything you need to lock in your session!

How many images come with each session?

I’ve never limited the number of images I take during a session; however, the images included in packages are listed in the session info page. You should expect 60-100 images from a portrait or engagement session and 600-1200 images from most weddings.

What can I expect once I book a wedding?

As a Breaking Tradition couple, you will be privy to my all-encompassing Wedding Experience Guide to navigate you through engagement to post wedding keepsakes. In addition, you will receive $150 off of your engagement session.


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