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Boudoir Experience – Casey

October 18, 2019

I love boudoir photography. It was one of the first sessions I ever did myself and one of the first types of sessions I ever shot as a professional photographer. I’ve been addicted since staring my business over 12 years ago. Each clients boudoir experience is a bit different, because each client is different. I invite each client to do a write up about their sessions to post helpful tips and tricks for upcoming boudoir clients. As a Tampa boudoir photography client, this is what Casey had to say about her boudoir experience.

Casey’s Boudoir Experience

Sexy woman in nude lingerie laying on bed

When I first met Jessica I was in a whirlwind of emotions. My fiancé had handpicked her to capture our surprise proposal as Jess was just as big a Disney nerd as I am. We quickly realized that she was the one we wanted to shoot our wedding day.

Jess asked “Are you interested in a boudoir shoot?”… me? No. No way. I couldn’t possibly. But I did.

The weeks leading up to my boudoir shoot were daunting. I hadn’t lost the weight. I didn’t have the right lingerie. I wasn’t sure this would work and I was about to forever immortalize my imperfections in living color! Jess quickly calmed my fears and damn near held my hand up until the first click of her camera. She helped me find the perfect outfits to compliment my body, she coached me on makeup tips, posing, and urged me to do my research and get myself comfortable. I did as she asked, and I felt silly at times, but it really did paid off the day of.

Working with Jess

Because Jess is Jess, her bright and fun personality made me feel at ease while walking around in a robe. We danced around to a music station with fun songs and I even had a glass of champagne to take the edge off. Once we started shooting, I got more and more comfortable knowing I was doing something empowering for myself while creating a fun and sexy gift for my soon-to-be hubby. We had a great time, laughed, and before I knew it the shoot was over. 

A few days later, I was able to see some completely unedited proofs of my photos. Wow. That’s me? I continuously asked that question. The girl in those photos looked confident, fun, sassy, and dare I say it… beautiful. This shoot not only showed me the better version of myself, it helped me to realize that this may have been the nicest and best thing I had done for myself in years. But, as a girl who has put on over 30 pounds and has the self esteem of a teaspoon, this moment in my life has proven to me that not only do I not need to be a size 6 to be beautiful, but that I have the confidence and ability to shine deep within me.

Jessica is not just good at her job, she helps you bring out the best in yourself and finds a way to let that show in your photos. Treat yourself. Do this for yourself. You are beautiful and strong and you deserve to see yourself that way. I found a new version of myself and I’m never letting that girl go. Jessica gave me the platform to find that and I will be forever grateful to her.

Be brave. Be bold. Book your boudoir.

Photography: Breaking Tradition |
Body Suits: Eloquii
Shoes: Mischka Badgley

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